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Back in the spring of 2021 I started collaborating with the Museum of Broadway for an installation inspired by the 1943 musical Oklahoma! for their new museum in the heart of Times Square. The founders Julie Boardman and Diane Nicoletti had a vision for a room you could walk through and feel like you were on the set of the show, as if you were walking through the cornfield on Aunt Eller's farm just like in the song "Oh What a Beautiful Morning!". This would be in the Gamechangers section of the museum, as Oklahoma! was the first hit show to bring "serious" dance into the theater.

I began with a few rounds of sketches and paintings to explore the movement and details of the cornstalks.

I then utilized my sketches to paint two horizontal pieces incorporating the landscape from the set of Aunt Eller's farm with the Oklahoma mountains in the background. These paintings would be blown up onto the walls of the museum and used as a backdrop for my super thick paint applications which I would paint on-site. The goal was to cover the walls in thick paint details and have the viewer walk through a faux cornfield to experience the landscape up-close.

I used pounds and pounds of paint using only palette knives on the actual walls to bring the whole piece to life. The installation was then completed with a barn, costumes, photos from the musical, and a walk-through cornfield with life-like cornstalks created by Square Design Inc of Brooklyn.

As an artist I was enchanted by the craftsmanship and creative touches throughout the museum, including intricate paper sculptures made from Showboat playbills by Rachel Marks, feathered walls in the Ziegfeld Follies room, an up-close look at the costumes from Hamilton, an eery room complete with the monstrous Phantom costume, and even the original Annie dress. Delightful, playful, and well-thought out, this museum is a joy for the senses.

The Museum of Broadway is now open to the public and you can get your timed tickets here!

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I get asked maybe 10 times a day what kind of paint I use and what colors I use. These are incredibly broad questions nearly impossible to answer in a short DM, so I'll put it all here for you to bookmark and experiment with as you wish. It's taken me nearly 20 years of thick painting to figure out exactly what materials and tools work best for me, my process, and my goals, which might not be the same for you. I'm sharing what I've learned so you can use it as a launching pad for your own experimentation rather than a duplication of my work. Please be mindful to experiment with your own artistic voice and subject matter that is true to you!

**This is not sponsored by any of the following companies.

Oil Painting Supplies. Gamblin Artist Oils is my preferred oil paint because the consistency is very buttery and the colors are excellent. They often have imperfect tubes on super sale so give them a follow on Instagram here to get updates on when they're available. They go fast! In terms of mediums, Gamblin's Cold Wax is my go-to. It's made of beeswax and will dry no harder than a candle, leaving a smooth, matte finish. I mix about 25% wax into the oil, and make sure not to over-mix because it could get drippy and not as buttery when applied. You can find these products at any art store, but I generally shop at Dick Blick. In terms of exact color choices, I have pretty much every color in stock and mix them to attain specific color variations. Color mixing is something you will need to experiment with on your own to find what works best for your style. Some of my favorites are naphthol red, hansa yellow, dioxazine purple, radiant white, emerald green, and phthalo turquoise.

Acrylic Painting Supplies. While there isn't much comparable to the texture of oil paint, there are certain mediums paired with Heavy Body acrylics that can almost mimic oils. For acrylic painting it's super important to use only the Heavy Body variety. I stock up on large jars of Golden Heavy Body Titanium White and a variety of smaller colored tubes by Golden and Liquitex. If you are on a budget but still want thick, Utrecht will get you pretty close to the look. Definitely avoid any of the following types of paints if texture is your main goal: soft body, basics, house paint, or non-brand name. I use a couple different types of mediums that will help maximize texture and maintain peaks. Liquitex Super Heavy Gloss Gel can create sculptural effects that maintain their high peaks, with a slight shine when dry. Peaks can also be held very well with Golden Extra Heavy Molding Paste. Start with small jars and see if you can tell the difference.

Palette Knives

I suggest purchasing at least five different knives in a range of sizes and shapes and playing around until you find your go-to favorites. Check out the knives at art stores and don't be afraid to delve into knives for cake decorating. Some of my favorite knife sets and offset frosting spatulas are available on Amazon here. Always get stainless steel because they are more solid and will last much longer than the plastic varieties.

This piece below was painted with a 4" offset frosting spatula available on Amazon.

Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy!!

-Ann Marie

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  • Writer's pictureAnn Marie Coolick

It's the season of love, roses, and all things pink. Today I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite things that exude the romantic sentiment of Valentine's Day. ❤️💖💕

I absolutely love this color block sweater by Wooden Ships (no pun intended!). I first discovered their sweaters at a local boutique last fall and have been a fan ever since. I love how they blend text with beautiful, modern color palettes. Bonus: they are family-owned and family-run with a no-waste approach---- all pieces are made-to-order from their eco-friendly factory in Bali. Cool huh? Go snag yourself one of their sweaters and use code annmarie15 for 15% off everything at!

I'm also in love with these cute ceramic mugs and earrings by Harper Jensen of Freckled Pottery.

Her earrings are available now for pre-order to arrive by Valentine's Day and her mugs will be available February 7th at 7pm. Don't miss out! (Images above and below by Freckled Pottery)

Lastly, I selected some of my favorite romantic pieces---- cherry blossoms, pink abstracts, roses, and beach babes---- available in a variety of sizes in my Print Shop at 25% off everything today. Links for each piece are listed below. 💕

Top to bottom, left to right:

Rite of Spring

“Love art, love yourself, do what you have to do and what only you can do. Utter honesty is the only path to originality.” -Roberta Smith, NY Times Co-Chief Art Critic

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