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Bodies in Motion

The sensuality of the human form, the history of our cultures and human existence, and how individuals live in and are affected by their urban landscape: these are the underlying themes in the Arlington Arts Center's new fall solos. The shows include installations, paintings, sculpture, and mixed-media work by eight individual artists and are displayed in separate gallery spaces, but in my opinion, each artist explores varying themes as they relate to our bodies and our own personal history.

Alice Whealin's "Third Patterns" exhibit on the second floor relays playful yet scientific landscapes of the body through intensely colored painted shapes on wood. The show is an exploration of microscopic body-like forms in an almost map-like display.

Michael Booker's work explores his own personal history and the history of African American culture through intensely emotional figures and abstractions, with a palette reminiscent of British figurative painter Francis Bacon. His show is in the main level Tiffany Gallery (the gallery windows are a must-see in itself: the stained glass windows by Louis Comfort Tiffany originally ornamented the Abbey Mausoleum in Arlington and thankfully were salvaged).

Other highlights include a funky urban installation of cities and their inhabitants seemingly from the underworld by Amanda Burnham. Her haunted gestural figures and buildings are inspired by her own explorations of the city.

In the basement you'll find beautifully executed, yet slightly salacious, mixed media panels by Marion Colomer. Reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, her work examines intimacy and womanhood with bitter undertones.

Fall solos run till December 18th. For more info about the show visit

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