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Best of Artomatic

Today I checked out Artomatic, a huge non-juried art exhibit taking place on seven floors of an office building in Crystal City, Arlington. The show has over 600 artists exhibiting in mini-galleries throughout the building, including multiple stages, interactive exhibits, and kid-friendly art. I recommend taking a few hours to see everything, but if you're in a time crunch, here's my must-see list:


Most creative: Jeff Wilson, room 3303

Most creative: Jeff Wilson, room 3303

Best animals: Nathan Drake, room 3114

Best wall display: Becky Borlan, room 3512

Best installation: Kasey O'Boyle, room 4213

Most kid-friendly: Paul Lake and David Jung of Lucky Studios, room 5102 Best superheroes: Joe Granski, room 5609 Best smell: Salvatore Pirrone, 5th floor

Best texture: Lory Ivey Alexander, room 6212

Best drinks: 6th floor bar (seriously, go grab a glass of wine!)

Best landscapes: Sarah Wardell, room 7412

Most colorful: Jenna Jones, room 7405

Best typography: Sage the Artist, room 8206

Best drawings: Ellen Cornett, room 8316

Best abstracts: Andrea Cybyk, room 8602

Best portraits: Linda Lowery, room 8606

Most comical: Dave Peterson, room 9309

Most fun: Jenn Bock, room 9312

Best realism: Susan LaMont, room 9616

Scariest room: Make Artomatic Great Again

Most inspiring: The Single Dads Foundation, 4109


Most fun: Jenn Bock, room 9312


Best drawings: Ellen Cornett, room 8316

Artomatic is open through May 6th. Read more here.

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