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Collectively Chromatic

I never really knew how much work it took to curate a large-scale show until I did it myself! I now have a whole new respect for curators, gallery workers, and art handlers. In 2016, I founded the East Coast Art Collective (ECAC) as a way to network with other like-minded artists, create more opportunities for collaboration, and reach wider audiences, particularly on Instagram. The collective is an invitation-only platform with about 20 artists from across the US east coast. It began with a few artists I had connected with through social media. Each artist had something similar that I admired: a unique application of color and/or texture. Two years later, I was asked to curate a group show including work by ECAC artists at the Glen Allen Arts Center in Richmond, VA. The show, titled "Collectivey Chromatic", is an exploration of our use of color through a variety of textural applications, including a comparison of similarities and differences in our techniques. The show includes over 70 paintings by 14 of our artists, from Charleston, SC up to New York, NY. Below are some photos from the opening reception and the show runs through March 10th. For purchases please contact Lauren Hall, Glen Allen Arts Center Gallery Manager at All work can also be previewed on the ECAC Instagram feed or on Glen Allen's website.

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